Carpet/Rug Cleaning Shampoo Selection

ERA 111-  Carpet shampoo is the only product for made for carpet cleaning and care. We recommend to use  ERA111 to keep up sustainabilty for best quaility.

Specifications for ERA111 shampoo,

  •        Carpet shampoos should not leave any residue after cleanning process is done
  •         After cleaning the carpet, surface has to be shine clear
  •         For a healthy environment, chosing the plant-base and anti-bacterial carpet shampoo is the key
  •         Considering the anti-allergy and asthma free shampoo is the excellent source of increasing lifestyle
  •        Right carpet shampoo gives an advantage for easy rinse after washing
  •        Carpet shampoos should not have any phosphate and also static free
  •        For effective carpet cleaning, after mentionings all the details above, all you need is ERA 111 carpet shampoo.

Carpet  Cleaning Shampoo

ERA 111 has been invented for water-carpet cleanining process and still number one in the world since the product has been found

Things that made ERA 111 Unique in the market;

  • Heavy duty-concentrate
  • High performance- Technical
  • Shine (after use)
  • Easy to rinse
  • Does not leave any sticky residue 
  • Active bubble formulate cleans all the dust and dirt from surface
  • Keep carpets colors like a brand new
  • Anti-static and Anti-allergic
  • Included softener
  • Economic friendly

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