Cobra 3300-42-M Carpet Wringing/Spinning Machine


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Cobra 3300-42-M Carpet Wringing/Spinning Machine

Technical Specifications

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Machine Model: Cobra 3300-42-M

Usage Area: Wringing/Rinsing, Centrifuge Machine

Internal Length: 3300 mm

Inner Drum Thickness: 3 mm stainless steel

Inner Drum Diameter: 42 mm

External Drum: St-37

Door: Manual / Pneumatic (according to preference)

Engine Type: Electric AC

Engine Power: 7.5 Kw

Number of Motors: 1 

Operation Type: Three Phase - Industrial Type

Voltage: 380 V

External body:  Outer Drum Inox or Epoxy Ship Painted (Optional) Feet; Standard Epoxy Ship Painted

Dimensions: 3730 x 1565 x 1600

Weight: 700 kg

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