Carpet Washing Sector and First Carpet Washing Machine

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The factory carpet washing system was first introduced in 1950 in Demirgi district of Manisa.

The carpet washing sector, which started with hand woven carpet and rug washing, was washed with hand brushes and work force without a machine.

Since it was mainly carpets coming from abroad, the first founders of carpet washing, which moved to port city İZMİR in the 1960s, continued to wash merchant carpets.

The hand-woven fabrics, which have been brushed several times with the help of hand-brushes handled in a single row in a flat area, are washed completely with human power without any machine. In this way, only 100 m² of carpets were washed daily with 15 masters.

Inspired by the German machine for cleaning and polishing surfaces in 1989, adapting the brush to this polishing machine, in 1991 the first manual carpet washing machine was started to be used.

With the beginning of the use of carpet washing machines, the intensity of work has been increased, and the workload has decreased. But in those years, only merchant carpets were washed. Collection of carpets from houses and their washing started only in 1993. 

The carpets from the houses have contributed to the carpet washing sector and today, the carpet washing business, which is called as the service industry, offers many job opportunities as a profession.

Today, the estimated amount of carpets in İZMİR is estimated to be 1.5 million m², which does not allow carpet washing companies to be washed in this capacity.


Most of the carpet washing machines that have been built by many companies in recent years have been washing carpets in average 500 - 750 sq/m per day while hand washing machines have washed up to 200 sq/m per day.

Now, when the competition is high, every carpet cleaner expects a better and faster result.

Carpet washing companies are the most busy and time to earn money is before the holiday. In the last 24 hours before the holiday, of course you do not want to admit the situation when the machine breaks down. Repaired carpet cleaning machine means loss of money, which could be earned during repair. Cheap carpet washing machines are manufactured in clandestine conditions, by lay people, and after the purchase of goods, it will be difficult to find a seller of this equipment.


Sakip Sabandzhi, for good reason said "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap goods" ..


I am one of the first who started to do carpet cleaning in 1989. Since then, I have been doing carpet cleaning business, and my advice to all coworkers is never to save on quality! Bad materials and equipment will harm you.


I wish everyone a good profits!