Cheap carpet washing machine

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All areas of the Atak K 2400 automatic washing machine that come in contact with chemicals are made of 304 chrome. For example, bearings, cutters, etc. As is known, carpet shampoos used in washing, all shampoo types, 90% of used detergents are chemicals. Chemicals; iron, paint etc. it is the enemy of such materials.These chemicals in places where 304 chromium is not used, destroy and oxidize materials, and shorten the life of equipment.

Automatic carpet-washing machines with  304 chrome  is used  for about 10-20 years, while a carpet washing machine made with cheaper 420 chrome and its derivatives will start rusting, oxidation and damage after a maximum of 7 -8 months. Unfortunately, a company that does not know this sector, carpet washing business owners, is buying an automatic carpet waching machine cheaper, looking only at the price made of steel or 420 chrome, and after 7-8 months, they begin to regret it. To avoid this, do not deny to have a high-quality automatic carpet washing machine by Komman Makina ...