Tricks of being successful in Carpet/Rug Cleaning Business

Following to steps down below give you a succesful business in carpet cleaning

1.What is industrial carpet washing? Using the “water” is most common cleaning material in the world ever. Carpet is the important components in a home for human life, and after trying out hundreds of cleaning materials people has been decided that water is the key for washing the carpets and rugs. Therefore when we clean the carpet, we need a shampoo, water and a rake for rubbing through the surface then using wringing system to finalize the process  thats what we call is “industrial carpet cleaning machines”.

2.How to Manufacture Industrial Carpet Cleaning Machine and What are the Methods of it?

There are two types of carpet washing?

a)  Cleaning carpets in the floor with manual machinery see figure 3-1-a

b)  Using automatic carpet cleaninig machines see figure 3-1-b


a)                    a. Cleaning Carpets in the Floow With Manual Machinery

  •         After collecting carpets from customers place then sort them in the workplace as they have different kinds
  •         Cleaning the dust before  the washing process
  •         If the carpets wash in the floor, the floow has to be watered ahead of time.Then pre-rinse the carpets and shampoo with equal amount with using brush for main wash. Brushing process can be made carefully as surface of the carpet needso tocuh to the brush with equal pressure. By the way the wires of the brush strenght has to be at least 80-90 micron at all the time.
  •         After enough brushing the carpets, using rake take a place for to get ready a carpet wringing machine


** What is Rake and How is it made?

 Rake application in carpet washing, removing the dirt from the carpet after being washed. The tool or equipment that makes this process is called “rake”

Perhaps one of the most important applications in reaching the 100% quality is the rake. So how is it done?


Single Advance Hard and Heavy Duty Rake: This technique is the most suitable technique for today's carpet washing conditions and it is a highly efficient rake technique. It gives a successful carpet cleaning result.

The main benefits of this carpet washing rake technique are as follows: Even if the carpet washing process is done without dust, the carpet works well because it loses dust, dirt between the pile. Quality control is easier after carpet cleaning. This is due to the fact that the rake technique removes hair and hair from the carpet. This method is also a good rinse process. The application of this method, which is a very efficient carpet cleaning rake technique with all its aspects, depends on the presence of the experienced and powerful strong carpet washing masters. Because it is a very difficult process that requires real muscle power to make this rake. (Today, automated machine manufacturers have a little more duty to automate this process.)


b. Carpet Cleaning by Automatic Machine

                If the carpets are to be washed by automatic machine, the carpet will be placed in the carpet machine in the correct manner and the machine will be operated to start the brushing process. Brushing process is completed and the carpet is rolled into the spinning machine is placed in the tightening process is placed in the hangers for full drying.

     Some important details for automatic machine wash:

• One of the biggest handicaps of automatic washing is that these machines do not perform rake operation as well as manual system. Again, in these machines, the brushes do not press on the carpet sufficiently, the brush wire hardness is not enough thickness, and the motors that rotate the brushes do not have sufficient power can be considered as important handicaps. For these reasons, the entrepreneurs who are new to this business prefer the method of washing which is the first method, and after obtaining the necessary knowledge and experience, and after reaching a certain washing capacity, they will choose the automatic machine. For further information please contact us: PHONE: +9005061568011)

• Finally, the rugs, which are dried on hangers, are controlled by laying on a table for quality control purposes. Carpet perfume is squeezed and rolled again and ready for delivery.

    Picture 3-1-aPicture 3-1-b

    3)How to make eaves cleaning ?:

    Newly produced carpets generally do not have eaves, but there are millions of m2 of carpet still in use.Although carpets produced in recent years are largely fringed, there are still fringes in old machine carpets, especially hand-woven and wool carpets.Although the companies use different methods in the carpet cleaning process, the most accepted method is the cleaning and absolute tightening of the pressurized water from the right distance.The water pressure of 150 bar at a distance of 15 cm to 20 cm makes the white carpet eaves shine. This process is usually applied to the carpet after general brushing, after loosening the dirt.

    ** The unconscious and pure use of the bleach on the eaves will cause great damage to the carpet eaves.

    4)How to Wash Hand Woven and Wool Carpets :

    Hand weaving and wool carpet washing, all the mastery and skill is to move fast.In such carpets, the biggest problem during washing is the mixing of the colors of the carpets. In order not to cause any color mixture, it must be done individually and quickly.Hand woven wool carpet washing; The carpet is wetted without any dirt and dust and the ERA 111 Carpet Shampoo is applied. ERA 111 Wool Carpet Shampoo, which is presented to the use of the companies that want to reduce the risk of wool carpet in the total rugs that it has washed, the color-protecting pigments in the carpet, relaxes the process a little more; but it is the correct application of the washing technique.After the brushing process is done quickly and again quickly and in a series rinse with rake.If the carpet is long-haired, it is also possible to apply the forward-back squeegee before the one-way rake to allow the carpet shampoo to penetrate between the plume and the pile.After the rinsing process done, it is taken into the process ofwringing the carpet.Handwoven wool carpets are squeezed on their own due to the possibility of leaking the paint used during the spin.The carpet removed from the spinning machine is opened immediately and placed in the hangers.Hand weaving and wool carpet washing, all the mastery and skill is to move fast.To summarize; As the application chain is followed and these products are used, the carpet is given a color and the possibility of mixing the colors is eliminated.


       1)SINGLE WASH





    The experience of the carpet washing process is very important in the method of washing such hand woven and wool carpets. Since there is no standard in hand woven wool carpets, it is important to remember that each carpet has different character.

    5) Hand weaving and wool carpets What is the process of dyeing and how being made?

    The point to be noted in the color correction process is that; This process is an application of bleaching origin. In this application for color picking, color losses up to 5% to 15% should be evaluated as side effects and application errors.

    As a result of washing of hand woven and wool carpets with wrong methods and techniques, the colors of the carpets are mixed together and dark colors create detonated tones on light colors. This situation is called dyeing (coloration) among the public. This problem is frequently encountered as a result of lack of experience, wet waiting time in the carpet and use of unsuitable product.

    PAINTING AND COLOR CORRECTION OPERATION IN CARPET WASHING: The above and the previous title how to wash the carpet without paint-mixed is explained. In this narration we will examine how to fix a hand-woven wool carpet.

     First of all, the carpet is normally washed and rinsed quickly; the surface without dehydration, with rake scrubbing, the surface is left dehydrated, only moist.

     In the bucket, it is mixed by placing a color organizer on a scale suitable for the square meter of the carpet (according to the condition of staining; for a 6 square meter carpet, 15 liters of water will be enough as 1 glass of chemicals). Color-regulated chemical-mixed water; It is applied on carpet to spread  equally all over the carpet.

    At this stage and afterwards, the carpet should not be brushed. Here, within a few minutes, the color begins to be seen shine and improve  with the eye.

     This timing may vary depending on the paint percentage and air temperature of the outside. Since it is very important to move fast in this process, it is started to rinse again in a few minutes. After this process, it is possible to restore the carpet to 95%.

    Since the amount of the applied chemical is adapted to the type of carpet and the time management during the application requires mastery, the scales and timing described here should be considered as reference point, but all other prevention should be taken against the problems that may arise. This process is an application of bleaching origin. In this application for color removal, color losses up to 5% to 15% should be considered as side effects and application errors.


     6) Nepal And Shaggy Carpet Washing Technique:

    Nepal and Far East Rugs Washing Technique: Such carpets are washed by the technique applied to washing of hand-woven and wool carpets. Because of the light color of Nepal species, especially in the shampoo mixed water, acidic chemicals such as active chlorine should not be placed.

    Shaggy and Pasta Carpets Washing Technique: It is inconvenient to wash these carpets with the brush used in normal carpets. If you want to use watery system wash, by brushing with a soft-type car wash brush carpet shampoo is brushed and without using rake, spinning process is started by direct rinsing. With this method, it is possible to get very good results according to the type of carpet.

    7) Hang and Drying

    There are two ways to dry the washed carpets. The first method is to hang the carpets by hanging on the hangers in a open area with a minimum of 30-40 square meters. The second method is to dry the carpets in a heat-insulated room by hanging on the hangers and drying them with a carpet dryer.

    ** Choosing one of these methods depends on the conditions of your country and your business volume. While countries with very cold and non-wind conditions prefer the drying room method, countries with a lot of wind circulation may prefer the first method of natural drying. The method with a drying chamber is slightly more costly than the first method.

    8)Quality Control and Carpet Bagging

    A moist carpet makes sweating in the bag. The carpet served with the bag should be well dried.Even with well dried carpet, there is still little amount of moist. The moisture may remain in it even if it is very small. The main negativities that can be experienced as the bagged carpet cannot get air;


    •          If the carpet is left in the faclility or after a long period of service, water droplets may be formed in the bag. So the carpet sweats. This will be difficult to explain to the customer, and the customer will think that you have brought the carpet without drying it completely.
    •          After washing, this tiny moisture that is left in the carpets surface and the air causes bad smell.
    •         The moisture in the nylon bag sweats the carpet and neutralizes the fragrance which is eliminate the smell of fragrance.
    •          The carpet rmoulder early and shortens its life.
    •          Moisture is the most suitable environment for the formation and development of diseases such as fungi. This phenomenon may also accelerate the growth of fungus formation on the carpet and cause harm to human health.
    •          If the carpet is not dried for a long time in a nylon bag, mold will form on the carpet.

            Washed carpet for health and hygiene purposes can do more harm than good.For all these reasons, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the carpets are thoroughly dried and put into a nylon bag. Even if the carpets are dried well before packing, the service person must advise the customer that they should be removed from the bag immediately while delivering the carpets;

           9) If Rake is not in Process, Removing the Dust is Become More Important

    It is a generally accepted approach that dust removal before washing is a very important process. Brushing the carpet cleaning process is one of the most effortless work. Troublesome and important is to complete the process with a rake. The process to complete the lack of the rake in the cleaning to get the dust out of carpets. If your brushing process is complete and you use quality products at the same time, the best investment you can make to increase your service quality will be to get a functional and quality dust remover machine. Dust remover machines are generally produced in banded models. Formerly used lattice beating machines, which are used more intensively nowadays and are not so much preferred today, have lower productivity and functionality than band machines

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