What Should be Considered When Buying Carpet Washing Machine?

There are specific qualificiations to establish your carpet cleaning business;

1) Carpet/Rug cleaning machine( can be automatic,semi-automatic or manual) see figure 1.1.1

2)  Carpet wringing/spinning machine-see figure1.1.2

3)  Rake or Rake machine-see figure 1.1.3

4)  Water-pressure machine for long carpet feather-see figure 1.1.4

5) Dust remover machine, if applicable-see figure 1.1.5( Please contact us for more details about it by whatsapp contact number +905061568011


Things You Should Consider Before Making a purchase Carpet/Rug Cleaning Machine

Nowadays, increasing the demand of carpet cleaning business, people are  considering enter into this sector. This enhancement brings more and more competition in this field.Its not easyy to be succesful and carry on in this sector while there is a competition.Companies have to consider too many things in order to compete their competitors.The most important step is to choose the right equipment to catch efficiency. Carpet cleaning machines are split into two in geneal to sustain in the workplace, with the one automatic machines that bring high amount of washes in daily basis for maximum capacity and the one with manual machines for small businessess . There are also considerations for both automatic and manual machines;

  •          There should be strong brush wires for cleaning and the motor  itself  has to have  enough power to control it( at least 1,1Kw)
  •          Brush wires has to be in right angle to the carpet with enough pressure on the surface of the carpet
  •          The quality of the general mechanic and electronic components of the carpet cleaning machine
  •          Machines parts with touching the water and detergent has to be at least 304chrome components
  •          In  the manual machines electirical power has to be 380V instead of  220V to have enough power for it

Things You Should Consider Before Making A Purchase Carpet/Rug Wringing Machine

Carpet wringing machines has to be as important as cleaning machines should be in this sector.

Its almost  impossible to have a clean-washed carpet without the wringing machines. Wringing machines are work with high speed spinning to get rid of most of the water, and dirt from the carpet at the same time give you less humid shorter dryer time, also allows you to have shorter delivery time.There will be dirt remaining on the carpet, lots of water, yellow stains and potential bacteria larvas, if you dont use wringing machine at the end of cleaning process.

  •          Criterias for chosing carpet wringing machines,
  •          Inner drum has to be chromes
  •          Holes that located at inner drum has to be enough values to drop the water out of carpet
  •          Spinning speed has to be at least 1200rpm
  •          In order to minimize the vibration during the run, machines foot has to be air-bellows
Picture 1.1.1Picture 1.1.2Picture 1.1.3Picture 1.1.4Picture 1.1.5

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