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About Komman Machinery

Our company KOMMAN MECHANICAL MECHATRONICS AND AIR VEHICLES Inc. has begun manufacturing machine as the group company of SABUNCUOĞLU CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Inc.  which is Turkey and the world's first industrial shampoo manufacturer and Turkey and the world’s industry leader Era 111 Industrial Carpet Shampoo manufacturer in 2014.
KOMMAN MACHINERY is developing fast, durable and functional machines, and it is moving rapidly towards the targets of being the best brand in the world by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront with the understanding of fulfilling customer requests on time.
KOMMAN MACHINERY that makes production in the form of mass production based on analytical drawings, machine working principles and engineering calculations, durability and longevity tests in machine production, still continues to operate in IZMIR ITOB ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE.

We are working hard to keep the machinery and equipment we use in production and quality control processes to pursue  continuously  and technologically and to be able to take action within the scope of investment.


With the understanding of continuous improvement, KOMMAN MAKINA is producing with reference to all Global Techniques written below:

KAIZEN; Continuous Improvement
JIT; Just In Time Production
VSM; Value Stream Mapping 
One-piece flow and U-Cell
Kanban, Milk run
HEIJUNKA; Demand – Production Leveling
SMED; Single-Minute Exchange of Dies
5S; eliminating problem sources
HOSHIN KANRI: strategic alignment
YAMAZUMİ: Work and Capacity Balancing
Poka-Yoke; Fault prevention devices
Jidoka; autonomation
 Visual management
Standard business
A3; Problem solving and reporting


Customer satisfaction,
Appropriate price and quality production,
On-time delivery,
Controlled study,
Flexible production, keeping part-to-part transition times to a minimum,
Sustainability and renew