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Komman Machinery, which is the leader in its sector, is the world's best carpet washing machine manufacturer. It always offers high quality at an affordable price. Komman Machinery always uses quality parts in the machines it produces. Komman Machinery has an advanced R&D and engineering team. Komman Machinery designs and produces according to industry 3.0 principles. Komman Machinery produces durable and long-lasting machines. Komman Machinery produces according to continuous improvement, elimination of problem sources, error-preventing mechanisms and 5S principles. Komman Machinery has all quality certificates in international standards such as CE certificate, ISO 9001 -2015, TS EN ISO 12100: 2011, TS EN 6024-1: 2018. Komman Machinery production policy; Customer satisfaction Affordable price, quality production On time delivery It can be summarized as follows. You can watch machine videos by clicking on the page link of the machine you like. I will try to help you as artificial intelligence on the machine page you choose. You can contact our customer representatives via Whatsapp lines on this site. You are in the right place to buy these machines. Hoping to see you again...