Dragon Automatic Carpet Dusting Machine DR 2500


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Dragon Automatic Carpet Dusting Machine DR 2500

DR 2500 is a compact model with two reversible moving beater that you can remove all dusts from carpets at maximum productivity. You can adjust the conveyor belts'  speed according to dirtiness of carpets. It removes all dusts from carpets with metal beater system without harming.The metal dust mop carefully knocks and does not harm the carpet.

Technical Specifications


The productivity of dusting (m2-hour): 240 m2 – 420 m2


Machine Model: DR 2500


Motor Type: Electric


Number of Motor: 2 


Usage: Carpet dusting


Voltage: 220 V/ 380 V


Dimensions: 900x1600x2800


Weight: 1000 Kg

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