Full Automatic Carpet/Rug Washing Machine ATAK T 3500



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Full Automatic Carpet/Rug Washing Machine ATAK T 3500

ATAK T 3500 specifications

  • Total 12 brushes
  • Pre-cleaning system with 4 disc brushes (1 class  high quality reducers are used)
  • A powerful cleaning system using 4 disc brushes (1 class  high quality reducers are used)
  • 6 mm thick high-strength conveyor drum
  • Medium hardness roller brush system
  • Reverse roller rake brush system
  • Rinse counter rotating brush scrubbing system
  • Adjustable for heavy-duty cleaning provide you vargel type carpet pressure system (with stable pressure which German miller type-the most succesful linear system)
  • Spring pressure system for equal pressure on the carpet
  • Reverse roller rake brush system
  • Rinse counterrotating brush scrubbing system
  • Adjustable rinse water system
  • Roller brush system for cleaning the bottom surface
  • Carpet folding system
  • The ability to wash all kinds of carpets
  • First class conveyor belt (resistant to chemicals)
  • High-performance adjustable pressure system on the carpet
  • Universal, easy-to-use automation directory
  • In addition to the Plc screen, there are manual buttons for frequently used functions
  • The ability to adjust the dimensions of the conveyor belt in accordance with the size of the carpet
  • The ability to control the speed of all the units in the system through  to the AC drives in the automation substructure
  • Conical and honing ball bearing system that withstands the pressure of brushes
  • Safety switches for machine safety
  • Our machines are compactly designed with mass production model and production and workmanship errors are brought to the automotive industry level.
  • Our machines are manufactured according to the principle of minimum failure level and working under the most difficult conditions.
  • Pre-wetting system 1st class water spraying nozzles and high efficiency are obtained even with a small amount of water.
  • Our machines are designed to achieve the maximum level of results with a small consumption of energy and water
  • Our machines are manufactured with the contributions of our staff who know carpet washing business very well.
  • 6 mm thick high strength main body frame, fully demountable compact machines
  • Our machines can be produced as chrome, galvanized or epoxy painted.
  • 4.20 width-compact conveyor surface
  • Total Brushes: 12
  • Voltage: 380-50 / V-Hz
  • Brush EnginePower: 1.1 KW
  • Brushing units: 8 Disc Brushes, 2 Roller Brushes, 2 Rake and Rinse Brushes
  • Total Power: 18 KW
  • Engine RPM: 1400 rpm
  • Brush Speed: 200 rpm
  • Brush Diameter: 40 cm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 3500x5185x1900 mm
  • Elektric Consumption Per Hour: 11 KW/h

Dear Users and potential customers: When we decided to manufacture an automatic carpet washing machine, we have spent such a long time researching all existing systems in the world. In addition to the fact that our machines have the best rinsing system, remove all the dusts and pellets, at the same time our machines have the most effcient system of work, with the least amount of failures. We present you our  unique and best long-lasting model!

So, why should you choose us;

Having 17 years of experience in carpet washing, we have produced the most modern carpet cleaning system. (Komman Machine is part of the group of companies Sabuncuoglu - the manufacturer of industrial products for washing carpets detergents such as Era 111, which is in great demand in the world and is the leader of the industry in Turkey.)

Our groups of companies work with the principle - Doing all the best in their industry; and continue to work in this direction. Having the reputation of the manufacturer of the most high-quality products, we simply have no choice to offer something less quality than we produce.

Due to the fact that increasing non-quality number of machinery manufacturers in China,they all affected the volume of machinery which manufactured in Turkey.This negatively affected the reputation of Turkish goods. We decided to manufacture machines that can represent our other brands and the Turkish machinery industry, relying on our experience in the carpet washing sector.

For the first time in the production of carpet washing machines, we started to produce in serial production substructure with durability and longevity tests based on engineering drawings, machine working principles and engineering calculations. In addition, we have made the bottom production even stronger by purchasing the company's ‘know-how which’ we find most successful in the production of carpet washing machines.

Using products that we produce for the carpet washing sector, more than 6,000 companies working with us for more than 10 years have increased and developed their carpet washing business, which was our greatest happiness source. Now we offer you a high-quality, reliable, functional and compact machine with the engineering name "Komman Carpet Washing machine"

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