Give Information About The Features Of The Machine

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Give information about the features of the machine ; 
1)Producing method.
KOMMAN MACHINERY is working with the CNC method rather than traditional methods. Their engineers drawing the model of machines and sent those models to CNC machines and the CNC operators write to codes for producing materials of the machine. At the end of the process, all kinds of materials are produced by laser CNC machines rather than primitive conditions.(also it contribute to the trust of the guarantee process because everything is based on computer drawing. If something happens in terms of materials, we can supply all materials but other unprofessional companies can not give that service. .)

There is 3 type of motors in the carpet cleaning market.
First one is the pneumatic system ; 
Most manufacturers are using this system because of decreasing expenditures. The system is cheap, poor quality and doing unbalanced press on the carpet. Therefore if something happens about air adjustment, this system is directly affected in terms of the quality of the press(not a long term system)

Second one is a hydraulic system ; 
Even though it's better than pneumatic system, it has some risks about spread oil on the that risk directly affects your quality of business and leads to problems with your customers.

The Third one is the reducer motor system.
This system is the best one in this sector. It was discovered during world war 2 and used armored vehicles. Also, it has improved and used in all sectors like carpet cleaning.
In KOMMAN MACHINERY, We are working with helical gear reducer motors rather than manual gear reducer. The helical gear system provides a long term using and durable work principle.
In addition to our systems; we are putting a double ball bearing in order to the connection between brush and motor. That system reduces the burden of brush and motor also leads to long term use.
3)Electric system.
KOMMAN MACHİNERY is working with the best brands in terms of automation systems. We are preferring SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER.Most other carpet manufacturers prefer to work with cheap Chinese firms for reducing expenditures and this situation leads to some problems in terms of security also includes some risk of high voltage rate and harm to motors.