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The Carpet Cleaning Facility Installation Plan

We build your facility with every details and we provide training for free.

To be Succesful  in the carpet  cleaning business, there are few steps you should review carefully;

  •        Carpet cleaning area in the facility has to be minimum 30-40m2 space
  •       If in use of manual  brushh machine on the ground, the floor  material has to be strong concrete and 5 degree angle for flow of  the waste water from floor. ( Cleaning Carpets With Manual Cleaning Machine on the Floor and Rake Application Please Click Here )
  •        For automatic carpet cleaning machine, there also has to be enough space for it at least 2,50m *3m plus a drane hole for waste water that coming from the machine
  •        There should be a wringing machine which has to be closer to the cleaning area in or der to minimize workforce and time consumption
  •        There are two methods for drying the carpets after cleaning process. First one is that hanging system that requires a space about 30-40 m2 with covered on top and open from sides that allows natural wind flows to dry up the carpets. Second one is that requires a insulation  room with carpet dryer in it and a same sizes of hangers that allows us to dry carpets for shorter amount of time compare to first option. Practical Carpet Dryer Hanger see figure 2.1.4

               *** The two methods of drying carpet that mentioned above are depending weather condition. Countries are cold climate and less wind prefer the carpet drying room and the ones have high wind and mild climate choose the old fashion method.


  • Company has to have at least a cargo van that has enough space for carrying carpets which is 2,70m  for minimum  length

  • After completing all the requirements above, marketing and promotions take a place. Keeping customer satisfaction and remaining sustainability using specific carpet shompoo, detailing when washing the carpets and to keep up customer needs is the key for success. 


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                                                            Picture 2.1.4