Our machines, which are produced within the framework of ISO 9001 quality standards, have spread the "quality production" target and principle, which is one of our founding goals, to our designs in each machine.

We are developing day by day by focusing on our R&D studies in order to maintain our leading position by producing the best quality machines in the sector.

We aim to minimize the damage of the industry to the environment with the high energy efficiency class motors we use, and we do not neglect to protect the environment, which is the most important legacy we will leave for our future generations.

In line with these principles and targets, our machines are the most correct and most suitable choice for the USA, which is the world's superpower.

Although carpets are used in some homes in the USA, carpets that are difficult to clean and require care are also used in most homes, such as valuable Persian carpets, Turkish carpets, oriental carpets, woolen carpets.

At this point, our high-tech machines, which can wash every type of carpet and whose pressure setting can be adjusted according to each carpet type, come into play.

Our machines are the right machine for you, as we know how important, attention and care you, the valuable American businessmen, who provide carpet cleaning services, give to these carpets when washing these types of carpets.

Since the voltage values ​​of the USA are different, our company makes the necessary changes in the factory and arranges your machines according to your voltage values.

In terms of carpet washing and cleaning, pets kept at home are also a point that should be mentioned. Urine stains on carpets due to pets fed at home are challenging for carpet washers and stains that are difficult to remove by carpet washers. manufactures face-effect products.

As you know that energy expenses like electric consumptions, water expenditures are increasing day by day. Even though using industrial carpet cleaning machine seems like the best way for reducing that consumption, there are many poor machines which don't have any CE and EAC certificate and not provide the universal quality standard in terms of energy consumption. Mostly the manufactures are carrying about reducing their production-expense for getting benefits rather than the expenditures of customers and this situation leads to poor quality products and not long-lasting machines in the market.

In KOMMAN MACHINERY, we are carrying about all quality standards defined by CE and EAC. In addition, we are focusing on saving trend machines. When we look at our laser system, that system provides less energy consumption and calculating the size of the carpet and working with motors according to the length of the carpet. In this process, your motor wagon is working on the length of the carpet rather than full touring.

This is a kind of revolution in terms of automatic carpet cleaning machines ! We care about your happiness and producing these kinds of carpet washing machines. In addition in the band system, we are working with the segmented band instead of the flat band. These adjustments were thought that if something happened about your band of the machine, you can work without a part of the band However in the traditional system, you have to change all the flat bands which you have!