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About The Carpet Washing Machines



Considerations While Buying Automatic Carpet Washing Machine:

It is a very important detail that the disc brushes on the machine are driven by gearboxes with helical gears, heavy-duty cast iron body.

Spur gear aluminum housing gearboxes cannot turn the disc brushes with sufficient power and the frequency of failure is very high. Spur gear units also cause the machine to run loudly.

Again, it is not technically acceptable to operate the disc brushes directly by connecting them to the gearboxes.

Double roller bearing must be used between the connection of the disc brushes and the reducer.

In machines manufactured by improper manufacturing without hubs; Since the compressive power of the disc brushes is given directly to small gearbox bearings, it is absolutely inevitable that gearbox failures occur in short time periods.

Improved Industry 2.0 Manufacturing;


The profiles on which the moving brush carriages are walked on the machine should be in dimensions with the necessary bearing capacity (minimum 120x60x3 profile).

Bearings and all parts on the machine should be designed based on engineering and drawing, should be easy to remove and install.

Machine chassis should be manufactured with high precision and there should be no miter defect. Otherwise and in poor manufacturing contractions will occur in the machine, within a short time period of irreversible contraction caused by various chronic failures will occur.

Again, one of the most important aspects of the rotating components such as rollers and drums running on the machine should be balanced with the most accurate techniques to ensure stable and unbalanced operation. (Rotary parts of the machine can not be ruled; the machine can not be described as.) Otherwise, belt slippage, balancing to the motors due to excess, uncontrolled, variable and unstable moments due to chronic and irreversible failures will be unavoidable.

In order to apply the optimum pressure of the brushes in carpet washing machines, in brush printing methods; 4-way stable printing system is a very important issue. The long-lasting system capable of the most precise and optimum printing is the linear ball screw system.

This system is used in the lathes, which are the machine of machine production and accepted as the most robust work equipment

Since the two-way or four-way pneumatic systems do not receive air flow at the same time and at the same stability, the optimum pressure on the carpet cannot be obtained on the disc brushes. Hydraulic systems cannot be used in carpet washing machines due to the negative effects of oil leakages on the carpet.

Rinsing and Purging System:

Entrepreneurs who want to start working only focus on the disc brushes of a carpet washing machine; but unfortunately they overlook the rinsing and hair removal system, which is at least as important as disc brushes. This system in the rear of the machine is really important. The bidirectional roller squeegee system is the most successful method of carpet cleaning technologies to achieve the desired quality and maximum efficiency. For the carpet to have a vivid and bright appearance; objects that are called dead hairs should be cleaned. This is also among the main causes of diseases such as allergies and asthma. In the Roll Gelgel System, the brushes rotating in opposite directions work together with the water flowing on them and allow the objects such as pile, feather, hair hair on the carpet to be thrown on the carpet by scanning them left and right. Thus the washed carpet appears bright and vivid, gaining a real cleanliness.


Methods such as scraper vacuum produced without the necessary technical analysis or to keep costs low do not work on the carpet. In this way, it is not possible to wash quality carpets with the machines that are produced with wrong manufacturing techniques.


All productions from chassis to body, drum and roller to automation should be produced in minimum standards of Industry 2.0 and required material dimensions and thicknesses are not avoided. If the chrome cannot be preferred due to costs due to the fact that it works in water; minimum galvanized metals should be used, open source software should be preferred, every part and system of the machine should work in harmony and harmony with each other without contractions, friction and unbalance.


Turkey purchases only and can not be compensated by cost concerns in the world, chronically troubled; There are hundreds of victims who buy machinery. With the wish of not being an entrepreneur who lost money, time, effort and morale because he could not perform the desired quality carpet washing due to wrong machine choice. We wholeheartedly wish you to succeed in your work and preferences.