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14 Sep Choosing a Carpet Washing Machine In The U.S.A
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CHOOSING A CARPET WASHING MACHINE IN THE USAOur machines, which are produced within the framework of ISO 9001 quality standards, have spread the "quality production" target and principle, which is one of our founding goals, to our designs in each mac..
08 Jul Stages Taking Action Until a Dirty Carpet Is Clean
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   After a dirty carpet is received from the customer and brought to the facility, it is first cleaned of dust. Applying such a treatment to the carpet before washing it plays a serious role in the cleaning of the carpet in the first place.After the ..
09 Jun Export Giant Komman Machine
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Komman Makina Mekatronik Hava ve Kara Taşıtları A.Ş. is frequently mentioned in the carpet washing machines sector with its numerous exports to America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East regions.Our company is in the United States, which is considered..
23 Feb Please Read This Document
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Dear carpet washers, I would like to give you brief information about our machines and to inform you about what you should pay attention to when buying a carpet washing machine;Our machines are created by engineering drawings and produced by our mast..
09 Jan The energy consumption in carpet cleaning machines and the importance of the laser system
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As you know that energy expenses like electric consumptions, water expenditures are increasing day by day. Even though using industrial carpet cleaning machine seems like the best way for reducing that consumption, there are many poor machines which ..
09 Jan Give Information About The Features Of The Machine
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Give information about the features of the machine ; 1)Producing method.KOMMAN MACHINERY is working with the CNC method rather than traditional methods. Their engineers drawing the model of machines and sent those models to CNC machines and the CNC o..
09 Jan Why A Carpet Cleaning Machine Should Include Helical Gear Motors?
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In the carpet cleaning machine, the most important detail is based on primary motors rather than brushes. Because every kind of action, pressure, and movement is dependent on the power of the motors in terms of carpet cleaning machine.The production ..
09 Jan Why you should prefer to KOMMAN MACHINERY ?
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WHY CHOOSE KOMMAN MACHINE?(OUR DIFFERENCES)Considerations When Buying Automatic Carpet Washing Machine: The Right System= Long Life + EfficiencyIt is a very important detail that the disc brushes on the machine are driven by heavy duty gearboxes with..
09 Jan How To Wash Carpet In A Carpet Washing Machine?
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HOW TO WASH CARPET IN A CARPET WASHING MACHINE?A carpet that is ready to be washed must be wetted before it is placed on the belt. Therefore, the first step of carpet washing is to wet the carpet. The carpet, which is immersed in the pre-wetting  poo..
09 Jan Why Komman Machine for the Carpet Wringing Machines?
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Our  machines ,which are produced as wringing machines, can be used quilt,blanket,hall rug,mat wringing machines.They can be chosen as bellows or wheel type. You can use them easily in high speed due to chrome drum. We prefer first class materials in..
09 Jan New Generation Smart Modular System for Automatic Carpet Washing Machines
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One of the biggest problems in the rapidly growing and developing carpet washing sector is to increase the capacity to meet growing customer demand. Many carpet cleaning companies are installed or automated system at the stage of the next 5 to 7 year..
09 Jan Carpet washing machine how should to be
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FULLY AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINES FOR CARPETS, which are one of the preferences of people who professionally work in the carpet cleaning industry, reduce the workload, and also reduce the intensity of the work of companies that cleaning large volumes ..
09 Jan Carpet Washing Sector and First Carpet Washing Machine
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The factory carpet washing system was first introduced in 1950 in Demirgi district of Manisa.The carpet washing sector, which started with hand woven carpet and rug washing, was washed with hand brushes and work force without a machine.Since it was m..
09 Jan Cheap carpet washing machine
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All areas of the Atak K 2400 automatic washing machine that come in contact with chemicals are made of 304 chrome. For example, bearings, cutters, etc. As is known, carpet shampoos used in washing, all shampoo types, 90% of used detergents are chemic..
09 Jan Unknown About Automatic Carpet Washing Machine
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As for the automatic carpet washing machine; it does not mean to give water and shampoo from above and brush it up. Just as the  electrical equipments in your home, your washing machine, your dishwasher, even the simplest electric vacuum cleaners, ha..
09 Jan Atak K 2400 Meet with the Owner in Kocaeli
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Komman Makina Mekatronik Hava ve Kara Taşıtları A.ş, which has been making great improvements in the Auto Carpet Washing Machine in recent years, continues to mention it. Samsun, Izmir, such as the last carpet cleaners found in Kocaeli conquered. The..
09 Jan About Komman Machinery
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Komman Machine ,as our group company, continues to production with 5 axis  equipments such as  CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC sliding head automats, CNC polygon, grinding.Our most important principle is the production of  the long- lasting machi..
09 Jan How an automatic carpet washing machine should be
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First of all, the development of the carpet cleaning sector in recent years has led to the fact that carpet washing companies produce more efficient and faster service. Naturally, a good carpet washing machine has been sought for better quality and f..
09 Jan Second hand used full automatic carpet washing machines
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We have a number of suggestions for you about the prices of 2nd hand automatic carpet washing machines. Whether it is 5,000 $ or 20,000 $ It is a very risky situation to buy a second hand washing machine.In Turkey, there are a lot of machine for wash..
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Machine have brush lengths and brushes that can come in contact with the shampoo along with the cleaning all over the surface of the carpet. Production is carried out in special sizes at the request of the customer. After the washing is completed, th..
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